Nearly packed!

Map of 37.921277854631,-0.73393850547922

Gatwick - on our way

Map of 51.160841666667,-0.17636333333333

Relaxing, shopping and eating in Bangkok........

Map of 13.736741666667,100.561325

We've arrived in Australia!

Map of -33.267486666667,151.53833

Breakfast time view

Map of -33.267808333333,151.538955

Sydney on Australia Day and harbour cruise

Map of -33.859088333333,151.21157833333

Trip to Manly

Map of -33.799345,151.28382833333


Map of -37.808911666667,144.96608

Birthday in Australia!

Map of -33.264265766999,151.54225800278

Family birthday party with lots of relos (relatives to you and me)

Map of -33.264207836256,151.5422176439