2019_Visit to USA

10 March 2019 - Ongoing


Map of -27.510211666667,153.289855

Another day, another storm

Map of -27.475237024116,153.0205008982


Map of -27.480929656911,153.03303611479

Brisbane lights up for the Festival

Map of -27.472796666667,153.02055283333

Full Moon over Sagami Bay

Map of 35.270022265646,139.19694414375

There's a rule for everything in this world!

Map of -26.790137167146,153.1421065838

Sea Princess on her way

Map of -27.448843563932,153.0826848933

Dissolution ceremony of the Medicine Buddha sand mandala

Map of -27.492786666667,153.07417216667

Botanic Gardens

Map of -27.47898,152.968475