Akaroa Cottage

Akaroa Cottage – 1/2

Charming little cottage with a beautiful garden, an orchard with apple and pear trees and a grape vine, all bearing fruit. Lovely place but with absolutely nowhere to hang our clothes!!! Akaroa is beautiful, we had a very good dinner last night sitting overlooking the harbour


It was charming and authentic but there was a long list of cleaning they wanted done upon checkout, a bit rich for a 2 night stand, and rather offputting. I did enjoy picking grapes off the vine, avoiding the European wasps with the same idea.

Just for the record, I refused to do the cleaning (didn't tell them) I always leave places clean and I was buggered if I was doing "light dusting" or vacuuming when I'm on holiday!!!!

Pfft yeah, that's a bit rich! I thought that was the whole point of a holiday!

Good on you! Cleaning costs are always built into the rent anyway!

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