Playtime – 1/3

I have been up and down stairs all day, they have 20minutes madness in the garden and then crash for an hour and then it starts all over again. Some Bromeliads have already been pulled up, I fear our garden will never be the same.
I gave them a bath this morning and ended up soaked to the skin but they smell lovely now. They are really sweet natured puppies, very loving, we are getting lots of cuddles and I'm so pleased to have them

# china, zhejiang, hangzhou


They are so cute..has Graeme named his yet?

Yes his name is Roland!! We call him Rollie because he has a ropy poly belly

The puppies seem to be settling in well to their new home - all the cuddles must be helping.

So cute!!!

Good name !,, they are so cute

I thought of calling him by a composer's name, maybe Ludwig or Gustav or better still, Bach.

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