The Boys!

The Boys! – 1/4

That's Roland in photo1 and Charlie in photo 4, we have had them for 3 weeks and they have just about doubled in size. When we came home today they were so pleased to see us they were falling down the stairs to greet us, we had only been out for 3 hours!

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Please note our lush green lawn!!

So cute!

They look adorable and obviously enjoying their new home!

They are cute. They seem to have that little rascal look about them, here's hoping the toddler stage isn't too painful. Cooper was a rascal. I had to smear a konk with peanut butter and freeze it to keep him out of trouble for a while

Hi Colin,yes they are rascals but very charming ones, we wanted 2 puppies at the same time because its better for them and us.they play and sleep together so they already have company. When we first had Rufus he would howl when I went out so that's when we got Riley, problem solved!!

Their hair is so shiny! You must feed them well! It's good feeling that your pet greeting you when you come home. Niki used to greet us when we come back in shanghai but now she just hide inside the bedroom every time we open the door. We feel a little bit sad. We even thought she escape the house one time. Today when we came back she was waiting at the door greeting us. We feel so happy. Niki is back!

I think it takes a while for cats to get used to a new place, when we come back from being away our 2 take a couple of days to settle and we have lived here 11years. Also it would have been quite an ordeal for her on the plane,if you spend some time with her I'm sure she will be ok.

They certainly have grown..

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