Nevada State Line

Map of 38.959239078722,-119.94195906457

Heavenly Ski Resort

Map of 38.919666666667,-119.922005

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Map of 37.814017118048,-122.47789427272

Solitude Day 3

Map of 40.619113943577,-111.59230208035

Solitude Summit

Map of 40.598941666667,-111.60682833333

Enoshima Fireworks

Map of 35.310384775545,139.47845522327

Cool book shop

Map of 36.236263333333,137.97004666667

Matsumoto Castle

Map of 36.238075085018,137.97040365649

Odawara Castle Cherry Blossoms

Map of 35.251358333333,139.15464716667

Bondi Cafe

Map of 35.66634605642,139.69242869889