Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Map of 37.814017118048,-122.47789427272

Solitude Day 3

Map of 40.619113943577,-111.59230208035

Solitude Summit

Map of 40.598941666667,-111.60682833333

Enoshima Fireworks

Map of 35.310384775545,139.47845522327

Cool book shop

Map of 36.236263333333,137.97004666667

Matsumoto Castle

Map of 36.238075085018,137.97040365649

Odawara Castle Cherry Blossoms

Map of 35.251358333333,139.15464716667

Bondi Cafe

Map of 35.66634605642,139.69242869889

Shiga Kogen Old Gondola

Map of 36.727711666667,138.51552

Lone Pine

Map of 36.733538333333,138.52292