12/7/18 Siantar

Part of Indo PNG July ‘18 trip.
12/7/18 Siantar – 1/9

Big day after only getting to bed after 12 last night with the travel. Awoken at 4:50 by the call to prayer from the local mosque. Visited 6 Lutheran schools , 3 Lutheran Synod offices of their bishops, and the office of Lutheran World Federation in Siantar. Lunch was as expected I suppose... check the picture: barbecued fish, fish stew, pork, rice and to help it some bok Choi type stuff and chilli sauces... one a sambel and the other a chilli and ginger thing... plus coriander was in there somewhere. I had to have a good helping of chilli to eat it, which I will pay for no doubt. Heading out to dinner tonight.. it’s a high percentage Muslim community, so have not seen a pub, bar or bottle shop. New experiences for Anthony!!

# indonesia, north sumatra, pematangsiantar


Glad all is well! Sounds reminiscent of a dinner cruise on The Nile! Hope you can cope! 🤣 Safe travels. Deb xx

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