Lae 20/7/18

Part of Indo PNG July ‘18 trip.
Lae 20/7/18 – 1/11

Meetings in morning with Lutheran Education Department Secretary and then ELC Church Secretary to try to debrief, summarise and determine next steps. Meetings went ok. Mick Hauser picked us up and took us for a brief drive around Lae, down to Markham River and bridge(pictured). Potholes like you have never seen. Big as a car and up to 80 cm deep. Amazing!Interesting sites along the way of houses and villages hidden in bush. Lunch at Lae Yacht Club with Mick then back to guesthouse. Quiet afternoon and evening ready for travel home tomorrow.

# papua new guinea, morobe, lae


Looks like a very interesting day! Enjoy your restful afternoon/evening! Safe travels! See you tomorrow! 😊xx

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