21/7/18 Lae to Brisbane

Part of Indo PNG July ‘18 trip.
21/7/18 Lae to Brisbane – 1/5

Finished trip in typical style; no water at guesthouse showers. Brekky and then our scheduled 7:30am pick up didn’t arrive in time, and after some chasing got there at around 8:15. Being anxious to get home this typical delay was frustrating. I am not a tolerant traveller at times, even though this type of stuff is expected and happens all the time. The rest of the trip was very good and all to schedule. The trip in a Fokker100 between Lae and Moresby was excellent; comfortable, on time, quick and great scenery.
Deb and Bwian met me at the Brisbane airport and took me into quarantine... we went to Lions v Crows at Gabba (Crows by 5), then home to commence the washing and cleansing. Back to Tipplers tomorrow once suitably cleaned and sanitised.

# australia, qld, thornlands, brisbane


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