Lakeside Sunset

Map of 39.058291381261,-119.94345188152

Ridge Run

Map of 38.914627321101,-119.90389910538

Sunset over the Bay

Map of 37.510182196309,-121.89662307512


Map of 37.50498223122,-121.90479886729

KFC Value Meal

Map of 37.297272226962,-120.48219736231

Half Dome, Yosemite Valley

Map of 37.745886636002,-119.5927463473

Yosemite Valley

Map of 37.71581341516,-119.67727432039

Glacier Point

Map of 37.720299619285,-119.57271317963

Map of 37.703769290855,-119.65077300567


Map of 37.704389886966,-119.65014880534