18th Biennale of Sydney

Part of Australia trip.
18th Biennale of Sydney – 1/50

Awesome art installation that takes over Cockatoo Island (Sydney's Alcatraz). Awesome fusion of historic buildings and modern art.

Totally free too, including the ferry and entrance. Happens every two years.

Rating: ★★★★★

# australia, new south wales, leichhardt


Cool, how long is it on for?

Glad to see the snap of the glamping made the spike ;).

Really cool!

Looks like it's on until the 16th of September (see http://bos18.com/), not sure if they have free ferries to Cockatoo Island the whole time though.

For anyone wondering what fifi81 is talking about, "glamping" is what they call it if you hire one of the tents on the Island. Cost is over $150 a night on the weekend, and it comes with a bed and everything, hence the "glamorous camping", or as it is regretfully abbreviated "glamping".

Signs of a civilization in decline #47 : Glamping

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