The Bund 2012

The Bund 2012 – 1/7

The last Bund spike I posted was from 2010. Here's a new photo, and this time using my DSLR.

They turn off the lights at 11pm these days, if you go later it you will just see some dark and mysterious buildings. Come to think of it, I should have taken a photo of that view too :-)

# sighting, asia, china, shanghai


Really nice photos!

Got the DLSR bug too? I'm addicted, I don't think I've taken a photo with my iphone since I got mine lol

Hehe, I have started to carry it more. The difference is amazing.

I need to go back and add DSLR photos to all my spikes from last year. I did a few, but it takes a while to pick which ones I want to include.

Great pictures

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