Giving Alms

Part of Laos trip.
Giving Alms – 1/18

Every morning at sunrise in Luang Prabang and around Laos.

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Great photos, the orange robes are gorgeous!

So, how does it work? Are the people waiting for the monks so they can give alms and receive a blessing?

Each morning, just after sunrise locals will line the streets kneeling down with food for the monks, such as sticky rice, but also sweets. The monks walk in a procession and collect the food. Tourists can partake, the main advice is "copy a local".

Luang Prabang has a lot of wats (probably the highest density in Lao), so there are a few different processions.

I regret we did not make a time to do this as participants. We saw this on our final day. The idea of waking up at dawn was pretty unappealing. Bit worried I may have lost some merit there.

@Laurel, thanks :) Monks are very photogenic. In Lao the robes are a very bright orange. It seems each country (or perhaps each branch of Buddhism) uses a different shade of red/orange.

You got good shot. I got up at 6am in order to watch this yesterday. But I was a little bit late. When I arrived, they almost finished.

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