Early morning rise and shell collecting... Third nights camp and pig collected!

Map of 11.425366666667,119.71367833333

Life at sea can be tough! Those guys always happy, smiling and laughing and so full of energy it was tiring watching them!

Map of 11.29758,119.39892

Queen of the stonefish on day one! One way to get coffee in bed!

Map of 11.217975,119.36156333333

The beginning of the Tao sailing adventure, so happy, so free, so un encumbered!!

Map of 11.180378333333,119.38693833333

Corong Corong Beach, Palawan, Philippines

Map of 11.1575,119.39786666667

El Nido, Palawan

Map of 11.181316666667,119.39084666667

Puerto Princesa... the best meat on a stick ever!

Map of 9.7553716666667,118.749895

Cebu City... so the hotel thought we were lesbians...the swan was cute and the city just full of fast food chains... including the Philippines biggest fast food chain Jollibee... would have been rude not to partake! Take me to the ocean... please !!

Map of 10.311225,123.89948333333

Virgin island paradise, a huge sand bar for post card photo shoots!

Map of 9.55623,123.71768833333

Dolphin “chasing”... interesting experience!

Map of 9.5212633333333,123.74218