Called at a lighthouse en route Boston- now on the Amtrak to Washington

Map of 43.1656445,-70.592711666667

Warroora Station. Heaven

Map of -23.281525,113.79027166667

Map of 39.973828559779,19.913315512258

Map of 40.721153849774,19.472103025782

Map of 41.329985582308,19.815816879291

Map of 42.086266516747,19.311615815404

Mirador del Castillo

Map of 37.141093388234,-1.8502031173574

Map of 42.487535043659,18.661576677131

Map of 42.64047906,18.10779101

Back in Australia Ready for the GF

Map of -35.140266666667,138.54115333333