Privacy Policy


  1. What's your is yours – you retain copyright ownership of your data
  2. You grant us all the necessary license permissions to provide the service we provide, including but not limited to storage and distribution of your spikes
  3. What's ours is ours – please respect our trademarks and IP
  4. Any spike you mark as public may be displayed by Geospike on the global timeline, available to all users, and used by us for promoting Geospike.
  5. Stuff is cached – when you modify or delete a spike, be aware that the changes are not instantaneous.
  6. Be careful what you share – your location is a very private thing. Whether you decide to share your spike with the world, or select friends – be careful not to put yourself, or your property in jeopardy.
  7. If you chose to share a spike using a "" link (e.g. to Twitter or Facebook), it is visible to anyone who visits this link. You can give this link to people, and we obviously have no control over what they do with it. It is even possible someone could discover your link by random chance – though there are a LOT of combinations and it's unlikely someone could randomly find *your* exact spike.

Important Privacy Exception:

We take privacy very seriously, and non-public spikes are indeed not public. However, some aggregate information is shown about your spikes, regardless of the privacy level. This is used to provide RTW stats and travel maps, both of your entire history, and trips. From this information, people will be able to see:

If you are uncomfortable with sharing this information about non-public spikes (namely; their location on a low-detail map, and aggregate statistics), for trips you can use the trip privacy settings to control who can view the trip and the related trip map and stats. For your overall travel map and stats (which are much less granular than trip stats), this information is shown publicly, and there is no way to disable this feature as it is a core part of Geospike. If you do not wish to expose this information, then don't spike the locations you do not wish included on your broad travel map and travel stats, or cease using the app entirely.

Contact Info

  1. We won't ever harvest your address book details without your express permission! Seriously.
  2. We won't share your contact details or even contact you ourselves for promotional reasons, without your express permissions.


We will do the best way can, but mistake can happen. You indemnify us against all possible issues relating to your use of the service, including if your non-public spikes are inadvertently disclosed. We're a small company, go easy on us :)