Part of Khoos in Spain trip.
Cordoba – 1/16

Confession: I suck at guided tours. Having someone talk at me constantly while I'm trying to take in the sights is like having someone explain the plot of a book to me while I'm in the middle of reading it. It drives me crazy. We had a 3 hour tour of the Mesquita and I was so irritated by the end of it that I can barely tell you anything about it.

But Mum loves that kind of thing, so I just kept quiet and waited till we got ice-cream at the end.


I totally agree with your sentiment on tours. I think I don't like being told what to do in general, but especially when it's "look here", "walk there".

In India we hired some guides in various historic monuments, but it was more they worked for us explaining, than shunting us around the place. That actually worked well.

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