Packing up - will it all fit in?!

Part of Driving to Spain trip.
Packing up - will it all fit in?! – 1/2

# united kingdom, england, sharnbrook, bedford borough


Can't see the rug?

Kay Thompson

They must be sitting on the rug.


Hope the bump stops are coping Roy! T&G

Pete Godfrey

Hope you are going along at speed and making good progress have a great time Roy & Christina.

Hi just to let you know me and Ceiny are under your tail gate please take it steady its a job to type at speed we are looking forward to the next stop.

Glad that you got Geospike sorted out, it is great to be able to see all the places you are visiting, looks like you are having a great time. Valerie


We're following u!! (Tho never heard of geo!!) have you found a washing machine yet cos don't think there was any room for clothes in car!!
Looks brill - enjoy every min. Xx

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