Playful pups!

Map of 47.7043300525,-117.02756996296

Almost to Idaho

Map of 48.0682945,-115.92818333333

Glacier NP

Map of 48.701419528748,-113.8026878831

Outside of glacier. Changed the bike tire on the river shore.

Map of 48.463488333333,-114.0722195

Montana traffic jam. Spot the guard dog bringing up the rear

Map of 44.73002459801,-111.87180029714

Traveling a long dirt road to the Gravelies

Map of 45.439704463255,-112.19816197484

Yellowstone NP

Map of 44.903644943136,-110.37816102252

Beartooth scenic highway

Map of 45.032685805308,-109.41722052746

Did some neat riding and explored an ice cave

Map of 45.202169808811,-108.56951240489

Base of Bighorn Mts

Map of 44.85565383273,-108.10864087301