13/7/18 Siantar and Raya

Part of Indo PNG July ‘18 trip.
13/7/18 Siantar and Raya – 1/13

Met today with the Director of Diokonia in one of the church synods (HKPB), discussing needs, support and future dreams. We met at her home which is part of a big church complex that includes chapel, orphanage, church offices and more. Following this we travelled through the country to Raya and a secondary boarding school there. They have a partnership with Navigator College Port Lincoln. After lunch there, similar to yesterday, we travelled back to Siantor to meet, debrief on the two days of meeting and endeavour to consider what’s next in the way the LCA can support Indo Lutheran Schools.
Following this I went exploring finding some back streets and sites such as the children playing on the railroad.
The 2 pictures of motor bikes are great. One is the family on the bike, but check out the passenger on the bike in the other picture. Dinner at a local restaurant was good. Meal and beers for 4 for $40.
Off to Medan Airport tomorrow staying at hotel near airport ready for the 30+ hours of transit to Lae PNG from Sunday morning.

# indonesia, north sumatra, pematangsiantar


Looks really interesting and enlightening! Great to see your shots! Travel safe! 😊xx


Very interesting. Why are the drinks in their own separate water bowls in your food picture?

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