Kualanamu KualaLumpar, Manila Port Moresby, Lae

Part of Indo PNG July ‘18 trip.
Kualanamu KualaLumpar, Manila Port Moresby, Lae – 1/1

It was going to be big challenge anyway but It’s a bit of a shemozzle.... Hmmm In Manila, but luggage is somewhere else in Asia. Not even halfway to Lae Grrrrr Manila airport is aged and very inefficient. Sitting outside waiting for transfer to another terminal. That will only come every 45 minutes...
Travel agents booking these trips should know better, than multiple airlines in multiple destinations. Let’s see what happens from Manila. If we get on the plane tomorrow we should be in PNG.. maybe.

# philippines, metro manila, pasay city, naia


Oh well ... you’re good at travelling light!! 🤣

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