CT D5 Mon 18/9 Safari Pk, Camps Bay, Lionhead

Part of Cape Town 2017 trip.
CT D5 Mon 18/9 Safari Pk, Camps Bay, Lionhead – 1/19

Up for coffee at 6, then off for another 2 hours driving around Inverdoorn Safari Park. Saw a few animals we didn't see yesterday. Back, breakfast and gone by 10am back to CT with spectacular mountain scenery along the way. arrived at very nice guest house, Atholl House via Bokaap (streets of coloured houses). It was such a beautiful day we decided to hike up Lions Head. We didn't make it right to the top but ''twas a far effort for Kathy and me. Some paths that were no o easy for us old farts! It was a 3 1/2 hour hike up a mountain from Atholl House. The views from up there were pretty special!
After our big effort, we then went the extra mile, literally and walked from our accom down to the esplanade for dinner, at.... wait for it.... The Butchers. Yes they did have fine meat, and far more than we could eat. So with doggy bag in tow we headed home, but decided to donate to a local homeless bloke. Hope he enjoyed those great ribs + veggies!!

# south africa, wc, cape town, signal hill/lions head (nature reserve)


Great Scenery. Looks beautiful. Where is D4?....

User77442 was me before I logged on!

Looks like a spectacular day!!! Love the giraffes!!! 😆 xx

Jake Anthony Duff

Up at 6am? Why so late? I was up at 4am having a ball. Mum wasn't impressed though. Ps those animals look familiar! Friends!

I think D 4 is there now... is it not?

Hey Jake, glad to hear you were having a good time. We could those animals in our bags. We will see what we can find.

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