Cape Blanco is the westernmost point in Oregon

Map of 42.8321,-124.55272833333

The path is clear. I love a good placename.

Map of 43.27553,-124.35669666667

First Douglas-fir I've seen in a while

Map of 43.661266666667,-124.19498333333

Triforce for safety

Map of 44.1619195,-124.11222783333


Map of 44.722133623478,-123.91801365663

Oregon has the best beaches.

Map of 45.19595,-123.96901666667

A mix of clouds and haze on the coast.

Map of 46.305725709578,-124.04002080683

Don't mind if I do

Map of 46.669694767377,-123.78441651363

WA State Department of Cartography

Map of 46.631941376297,-123.23315542203

Independence Valley, I think

Map of 46.704503333333,-123.18468666667