CountryLink, Canberra - West Row, Civic

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CountryLink, Canberra - West Row, Civic – 1/3

The poorly signed CountryLink stop. My ticket only says "Canberra - West Row, Civic" (no actual address) so I guess it's just something you know.

Rating: ½

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Absolutely ridiculous !!!! A sign would be good !!!!


I would have appreciated a detailed street map of the location of the bus stop along with the 6 pages of ticketing information I had to print out, particularly in relation to Jolimont bus stop. This would be helpful particularly if passengers had several pieces of luggage to carry from one bus stop to another. Why can't all buses stop at Jolimont?


I am disabled with a bummy leg and the distance wasnt all that badbut the signage i am disgusted with as i had no idea if i was in right spot or not. Countrylink need to b picking up at the jollimont centre or have better signage. This is ridicoulous

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