Thanks to Chris and Bohn Popp for a wonderful visit to Aunt Millie's this morning. Great discussion on promoting grain foods. #StrongerTogetherTour

Map of 41.080220206679,-85.144234662955


Map of 36.493653813411,46.759404474913

Map of 36.679102121886,46.560525884895

Street view

Map of 36.7165253498,46.517096227078

Coffee stop

Map of 37.161441666667,46.096713833333

Map of 54.225474348063,-3.0548339282697


Map of -25.222345339158,131.04280536075

Map of -29.862990996882,150.56185443713

M Fallon landscaping, concrete waste, weed pile

Map of -35.45492621142,150.37381363115

Map of -30.74857201343,150.7206586208