Geospike Recommends

Here at Geospike, we didn't want to pollute your experience with advertising, but we still have to pay the bills and want to continue investing in Geospike to make it better for everyone. In order to do this, we recommend products to you. These are products that we have hand-picked, and personally recommend. If you see a travel guide, chances are one of the team has used it in the field. If you see a device, one of us probably owns one.

By checking out some of the great products we recommend, you will be contributing to the development of Geospike, without incurring any additional costs on any products you choose to buy!

Lonely Planet

We at Geospike love Lonely Planet. Most of us don't leave our home states without the PDF's on the iPad/iPhone, or the physical book in the bag. The PDF versions are really great for the technology-inclined traveller. They are DRM free, so you can load them on all devices, don't weight anything, and you can pick & choose just those chapters which you need. We definitely recommend the iPad over the Kindle for viewing Lonely Planet PDF's, due to the better searching, quicker navigation and faster page loads (especially the map pages).

Check out the Lonely Planet website.

The site that needs no introduction, the internet's superstore. Why not have a browse?

App Store

Home to iOS Apps, like ours!


Play Asia sells video games out of Hong Kong. Unlike your local game store, Play-Asia offers the same game for multiple different regions, allowing you to pick the cheapest one that is compatible with your console (often saving money).

When the Geospike team is relaxing on their home couches (as opposed to one in some random country), we might be playing a console game from Play-Asia.

So browse the Play-Asia website and check out some cool games. If you use this link to get started, we'll get a cut of anything you buy – and we'll put it to work making Geospike better for you!


While we think the products we recommend are great, we advise you do your own independent research. If you choose to buy one, we are not a party to that transaction, it is between you and the seller. If you have any issues you will need to work it out with them. That said, if you think we should withdraw a production recommendation, or add a new one, we welcome you to drop us a line at