A bit warmer off the mountain in Saratoga

Map of 41.556121666667,-106.92406333333

Up in medicine now national forest. Over 10000 ft elevation

Map of 41.349996666667,-106.26067166667

Moved to another lake just a few miles up the road

Map of 41.238145,-105.90112166667

Another day another lake

Map of 41.23513,-105.86435

Stayed at a Bass Pro parking lot last night and were surprised to see 2 other skoolies there

Map of 39.0236945,-104.82528

Pups got to go for a swim today after a quick vet checkup in Pueblo CO

Map of 39.023742349855,-104.82532351288

Camped near the great sands national park CO

Map of 37.526913333333,-105.59403833333

An exhausting trail took us up to goose lake. The view was very worth it!

Map of 36.692433333333,-105.40266333333

Mills Canyon

Map of 35.863705468397,-104.88781278031

Kayaking with Angel and Jay

Map of 34.775453333333,-98.533988333333