Chureito Pagoda

Map of 35.50163294192,138.80225524319

Ferrying out of town

Map of 47.602325,-122.34192833333

Big sandy reservoir. Lakes and sunsets must be our theme

Map of 42.864572452421,-109.69696769501

18/7/18 Lae meetings

Map of -6.7219767998967,147.01947363107

Lae 17/7/18

Map of -6.713775,147.02519166667

Lae 16/7/18

Map of -6.7220780951965,147.0194420313

Kualanamu KualaLumpar, Manila Port Moresby, Lae

Map of 14.509895,121.01219166667

14/7/18 Siantar to Kualanamu (Airport) into Medan

Map of 3.4037583333333,99.165

13/7/18 Siantar and Raya

Map of 2.9736966666667,99.076622166667

We got to see some wild horses!

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